A few introductions, a tentative plan of action.

Why hello there. Thank you for finding my blog. Or being forced to come here under duress-either way works for me! What is the purpose of this blog, you ask? What is it all about? Carol, are you really such a Klutz?! The idea for starting this blog came to me one afternoon while I was looking at pans. Oh yeah, you’d be surprised how many amazing ideas come about while looking at pans! Sauce pans, frying pans, skillets…I quickly realized that I had no idea what type of pan should be used for cooking what. After this embarrassing realization, I realized some more embarrassing things-I pretty much knew nothing about kitchenware, or cooking. I cook, obviously, but nothing that tastes very good, and a lot of it is trial and error.

And that’s where this blog, and you, come in! You’ll be joining me on my journey to getting a better understanding of kitchen basics, making some mistakes, reviewing some cool products, and maybe a give away or two! And I’m not alone. I wouldn’t do that to you. Joining me is Jennifer of Cooking to Die For (seriously you need to go and try some of her recipes-do it!). She is much more “seasoned” at this cooking junk than I am, so she will be lending her experience whenever possible. My miniature schnauzer, Darby, will also join us, because he can’t be excluded from anything. Nothing. He even sits in the bathtub while I’m in the bathroom. That dog needs to learn boundaries.

So join me. Comment, follow, link me. And most importantly, have fun!